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Parenting From the Overflow: Day 1

A group of moms from Polishing Rubies on Facebook are going through the book Parenting From the Overflow by Terri Lynne Underwood.  You're welcome to join us!

Overflowing Love

My Thoughts:

What a needful, yet difficult thing to evaluate ourselves in when it comes to our children! So many times we would go to great lengths for our children.  We would move heaven and earth for them if we could.  We would die for them if we had to.  But I can hardly say for myself that everything I do and say and sacrifice for them is backed by this pure love described here in 1 Corinthians 13.  Did you read it out loud like she asked you to? It was hard for me to hear my self say what love according to God is, in the context of loving my children!  I am truly falling so short!  My love for my daughters does not truly model the love seen here.  Not by a long shot.

Did you take the time to write down the specific ways that you can put this type of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 into practice with your children?  I found it quite the challenge, and again a fresh reminder of how much growing I still have to do.  I wrote out a whole page of ways I can really, practically demonstrate this love toward my children.  It was convicting!

Being my worst critic, I absolutely needed to read these words:

Love yourself with patience and kindness. 
Forgive your own shortcomings. 
Love yourself with humility and grace. 
God’s mercies are new every morning.
Remember this truth: You are created by a holy God 
and you are priceless to Him. 
Your Father loves you! 
So love yourself as His beautiful daughter.¹

I need to ask myself often if my love is firmly rooted in the gratitude of God's love for me.  He is our source.  If I am having a hard time demonstrating God's love for my children, then I need to stop everything and align my heart with gratitude.  Our relationship with God is seen in our love for others.  And for our children, a big part of that foundation is in the way that we demonstrate our love for them.  If my actions aren't displaying love as much, if not more, than what my mouth professes, my children are going to notice!  I don't know about you, but my kids are great about pointing out the inconsistencies in my life.  This is an area that we definitely want them to see as a "constant."

Verse to Memorize:

My Answers to "Just for Moms:"

1. The areas in 1 Corinthians 13 that are the biggest challenges for me are probably being patient and kind, and not being irritable or resentful.  Not insisting on my own way really struck a chord with me as well.  Many times these areas of weakness are all kind-of gnarled and twisted together in an ugly way.

2. The area that I am going to be intentional in is not being irritable.  I find myself snapping at my girls when they've asked me for the third time if they can have applesauce, or when childish irresponsibility interferes with my plans for the day.  In the next day I'm going to intentionally work at responding with gentleness, and to give them my focused attention when they need it.

3. I'm going to ask a friend to be my prayer partner tomorrow, and I'll share these struggles with her.  I'm also going to check in with the other ladies on the Polishing Rubies Facebook Page.

A Side Note: IMHO, The Five Love Languages can be beneficial in determining how best to communicate love to another person;  however, if used with selfish motivation, you may become frustrated at gifts given in another language.  Learning the Five Love Languages is not so much about you, so keep the focus on others.
That said, The 5 Love Languages Website has a tool you can use to determine love languages, and there is a section for children.

Thanks for joining us!  If you didn't have time to read and answer the Just For Moms section for today, just jump in where we're at tomorrow, the chapter called "Overflowing Joy."

<3 Johnna

  1. Underwood, Teri Lynne (2012-10-05). Parenting from the Overflow (p. 3).  . Kindle Edition.

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