Thursday, May 16, 2013

Parenting From the Overflow: Day 4

Overflowing Patience

My Thoughts:

Which of us doesn't need patience?  Have you ever come across one of those moms that just talks to her kids like she's Snow White, in a situation where you would be breathing fire at them?  Or the mom that holds a steady conversation, completely unbothered by her kids who are just being kids nearby, and every few minutes she gives them "the eye" to let them know that she's totally aware of their every movement.  Sometimes I really wish I was that kind of mom.  Nothing has taught me patience more as a mom than my SugarPie, my middle little, who only has one setting... slow.

I really like the Message Bible's paraphrase of patience being, "A willingness to stick with things."  The days when I find my patience is short, when I am not being very long-suffering toward my girls, I sometimes feel like giving up.  Like I'd like to crawl back in bed and start the day over again (that was me yesterday!  Just a few more hours of sleep, please, and I'll be good!) or if someone could just come take these monkeys for me then I could run away - even if the local Starbucks or JoAnns is as far as I get.)

No one said parenting was easy, and in many ways it's really like training ... no one starts out really knowing what they are doing.   We learn.  We exercise our parenting muscles.  We increase our endurance.  We run that race well because we know its a job that worth doing well!  But it's so hard to have patience in it, because, as she said in the book, Is it "Easy? No. Fun? Not always. Rewarding? Sometimes not immediately. Necessary? Absolutely!"¹

I don't know about you, but I don't need just a measure of Patience!! I need OVERFLOWING Patience!!

And just like training physically, short-cuts aren't an option.  We've got to do the hard, sometimes tedious, sometimes even painful work in order to see results.  There are no shortcuts.

The exciting news that we all need to hear is that we have a "trainer!"  We don't have to do this on our own... well in fact, we really can't.  As I rely on the grace and power I have at my access, through Jesus, Overflowing Patience becomes a reality.

Just for Moms:  

Commit yourself for one day to being longsuffering with your children. Choose to stop and listen with your full attention, to lay aside your plans and join in theirs, to speak with grace and not impatience. What challenges do you anticipate facing in this challenge? What steps can you take beforehand to prepare for those challenges?     
Today's my day... And I can tell this will be a good day for it.  I was up late for a second night in a row and I've already been praying for patience this morning!

Write out your experiences from the day you chose to be longsuffering. How did you do? What did you learn? How did the experience change you? How did your children respond?
I'll come back and update later... ;)

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2. Underwood, Teri Lynne (2012-10-05). Parenting from the Overflow (p. 20).  . Kindle Edition.

A few moms over at the Polishing Rubies Facebook Page are going through the book "Parenting From the Overflow."  Feel free to grab the book and jump in with us, or share your comments below.

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