Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1st Day of Homeschool 2013-14 - It's going to be a fun and interesting year!

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  1. Your homeschool adventure sound almost exactly like ours, even down to the we are trying MFW but haven't been able to buy books yet. hahaha Except school starts a little later in August here and I usually wait till the first week of Sept. I am considering buying some of the MFW used on Ebay, have you checked it out? There are some super deals and tons of bundles to choose from. I love the calender book your using. I havent found a system for calender that we like. We are very limited on space, especially wall space since kitchen/dining room doubles as our class room. You are doing such a great job, and the girls are just precious, keep it up mamma! Love you all

    1. Aw, thank you for your encouragement, Jennifer! I can't wait to get our books, but I am starting to doubt that it will ever happen. Things just keep coming up. At the end of the week our bank account keeps coming down to the wire, and I had to give my savings up for other important things. Sigh. Trying to rest in knowing that God has a plan... and if He is going to have me come up with everything all on my own, He will equip me for it.
      We had our school area in the dining room last year. There are certainly benefits to it as well.
      We love you all also!! Miss you too! I promise if you will come back and have dinner with us again I wont feed you meatloaf! ;)